I am going to South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Are all of the necessary plugs in the box? Can I use them to charge my camera batteries?

I have a Canon camera battery charger and would prefer to only bring one set of adapters. Will the world travel adapter kit work with other non-Apple products?

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

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    The world travel adapter kit does not contain an adaptor for South Africa or Botswana, not sure about Zimbabwe though.
    When I went I used my regular charger and bought a local adapter, just note their voltage is 220v.
    Hope this helps.

  • I am currently in South Africa, and sadly, no it will not. The kit doesn't include the round three prong plug required for most SA outlets. Fortunately, the round two prong UK style adapter included in the kit and the US style plug can both be inserted into the plug adapters readily found in South African electronic shops and drug stores across the country. The voltage will convert automatically, it is just the plug shape that is an issue. I haven't traveled to Zim yet so I can't speak to that country.

  • Zimbabwe uses the British plug system so you will be covered... When you get to South Africa you will need to buy one from there