I am going to India they got outlet is220 volt can I plug direct plug in 220 v in Indian 220 volt.

I have a apple AMERICAN I pad it work on 110 v. Now I am traveling to India that
Is outlet is 220 volt. Do I need a voltage converter which change from 220 v to 110 v.

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

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    It is printed very small, but if you look at the adaptor closely, you’ll see it is rated for 110 to 240 VAC. So, no problem plugging it into the outlet in India. NO CONVERTER NEEDED. However, I would imagine you would need a plug adapter. I have taken mine all over Europe, South America, Vietnam.

  • I agree with Klaus (thanks buddy) and I saw the fine print on the power adapter that came with iPad - Input: 100-240V ... so it should work just fine.

  • Im in Bangkok and my Mac will not charge. The light on the charging cord is flashing a dim orange. I purchased a new charger here and it came with a 3 post international plug adaptor. My Mac is charging now. Not sure but I think the Apple charger needs to see the ground to work. The charger will work on the 220v but I think you might need the adaptor from Apple. I removed the 2 prong and replaced it with the Apple 3 post adaptor.