I am a female with small arms, will this be too big?

Incase Sports Armband Pro for iPod classic

Incase Sports Armband Pro for iPod classic

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    My advice is to strap this on your forearm.

    Alternatively, you might want to wear a wrist band and strap this on to your wrist band and wear it like a watch (yes, I've seen a few folks do this). Don't bother wearing this around your upper arms or around your biceps, it will slip right off with all the perspiration. Plus, Its not really comfortable.

  • Perhaps - I've found it works best around my forearm, or at the bottom of my humorous, near the elbow. I'm a small guy, so my arms are only a little larger than yours, I guess. The armband works better than carrying in your hand, for sure. Hope this has been helpful.