how to control volume on bose companion 5 with tv remote control

Is there any way I can control the volume on my bose system with my tv remote? cheers.

Bose® Companion® 5 Multimedia Speaker System

Bose® Companion® 5 Multimedia Speaker System

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2 Answers from the Community

  • Hi,

    I've got mine hooked up to my TV using a 3.5mm stereo jack audio cable connected to the headphone socket in the TV and the AUX connection in the control pod. Connecting through the headphone jack in the TV means that the TV remote controls the sound.

    Hope that was of some use!


  • I think M missed an important point with his solution. If you hook up through the aux input instead of the USB, you are not connected to the Bose drivers. I'm assuming that he has a computer involved in his setup, since these are computer speakers.

    Here's what I did. It's an expensive solution if you have to go out and buy everything, but perhaps you already own what you need. I got a Mac Mini to run my home theater. Any Mac Mini ever made will probably work. You don't need the latest model. There are a number of programs that will let you access the desktop from an iPad. Again, an older one works fine.

    For Youtube, Amazon Prime, Hulu and the like, use the iPad as a remote, adjusting the volume with the control in the menu bar, or open the sound preference panel and use that volume control. When you switch to TV, your TV remote will control the volume.

    There's probably an iPhone app that you can use in place of the iPad.

    Good luck.