How risky is it to put my iPad in one of these iPad stands that grip only the bottom edge of the iPad?

That Griffin "Loop" model iPad stand grips the iPad at only two places, at the very bottom edge. I am afraid that iPad holders of this design are risky, because the stand grips the iPad only at the very bottom edge, leaving the rest of the iPad hangin' out in space, tilted back at an angle, somewhat like a diving board. IF... anyone or any thing were to bump the top edge of that iPad, or lean against it, the leveraged bending force on the bottom edge would be multiplied. Possibly, the glass would crack... or worse, one of those bottom grippers could bite off a chunk of iPad.

Those who use this style of stand, can you share your experiences?

Myself, I prefer an easel style stand, that supports the iPad along its entire length, like those old copy board easels. As thin as an iPad is, how strong can it be? ...especially at the tapered, thin edge?

Stands that grip only the bottom edge of an iPad might be OK in an executive office suite inhabited only by well-behaved and careful adults. There, the stylish effect of an iPad seeming to float on edge, at a dramatic angle, could be appreciated with low risk of damage. However, at school or at home, accidents are likely to happen.

Griffin Loop Stand for iPad

Griffin Loop Stand for iPad

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    In my opinion, your concerns aren't warranted. The Loop is an extremely sturdy and secure design, in fact, more so than an easel because the base area is much wider and heavier. The "openings" in the base that hold the iPad are very well-supported from behind and are far enough apart to be very stable as well. Any of these stands could theoretically be knocked off a table, but this one is sturdier than any I've seen.

  • I have the iPad in an Apple case and there is no problem at all. The light grey band (which is everywhere the iPad makes contact with the stand) is a grippy rubber. If I push the top of my iPad back, the entire stand lifts up - i.e. it's stable and doesn't want to go in that direction. The least stable mode is if the iPad is vertical and pushed from behind.

  • I have a Griffin Loop and I'm quite happy with it. Your comments and concerns about the positioning and support are quite valid however. You might want to consider the Griffin A Frame stand - closer to the easel stand that you describe.

  • Hi, we've just bought this stand last week - and we cannot get the iPad2 to stand tall in portrait mode without falling back and flipping out. It does work in portrait if we use the lower level holder (but to be connected to a computer you have to turn it upside down to allow the cord to be plugged in) ...

    It does appear to be able to hold itself on both levels if you view in landscape though.

    Griffin normally do fantastic products - and buying it in the Apple store - we thought it was a sure bet.

    Feeling like it must be a user based problem - we have had 4 people test it out and no-one can get it to hold in portrait. rrrrg!

    Will try to return it.

    Anyone got any other suggestions for a good ipad stand?
    We create ipad magazines so viewing in both orientations is imperative.

  • We have never managed to tip our iPad 2 out of the Griffin Loop Stand when the iPad is set up in either orientation, vertical or horizontal.