how protective is this cover?

iPad mini Smart Cover

iPad mini Smart Cover

Product No Longer Available

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    Not much of a protective cover because it can easily get unattached from the right side (not closed)and also from the left and it doesn't protect the back of the iPad mini

  • protective only for the front of the iPad, protecting it from getting scratched in your purse or pocket.

  • it pretty much just protects the front. so i dont think the front will get damaged if you drop it.

  • Well I will put it this way. I dropped it once with the cover closed, and it popped off and shattered my screen. And no Apple does not stand behind this cover at all so don't expect any sympathy from them.

  • just protection from scratches etc not drops

  • It is not very protective, this cover was made to protect the screen and also be sleek. Hope this helps

  • It only protects the front from scratches.