How practical/impractical would it be to take iLap on trips? Is it too cumbersome to travel with? (Mainly referring to airline travel.)

I don't imagine iLap is terribly friendly for hauling around, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. I do a fair share of traveling, and it would make a nice "temporary desk" when I'm away from home or am in the air for eight hours. Additionally, I am a student, and it would also be beneficial if I could take this with me on campus as well, but I'm sure that's a stretch.

Rain Design iLap Stand for the MacBooks

Rain Design iLap Stand for the MacBooks

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    You're right: It's a stretch to travel with an iLap. It's just not very packable. I have no problem carrying it from one room to the next in my house, but it's just too big and awkward to put in my bag and travel with.

  • I've taken it with me on trips. It fits into my laptop backpack. I just rotate the hinge so that I can slide some notebooks in my bag too and they sit flush against the iLap.