How noisy is it? Is it louder than a regular G-Drive?

  • Asked by Sami R from Auburn Hills
  • Jan 8, 2010
G-Technology G-RAID Dual-Drive Storage System

G-Technology G-RAID Dual-Drive Storage System

Product No Longer Available

4 Answers from the Community

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    The drive is very quiet (or least mine is). I do hear the occasional click as the drive spins up to speed. The drive is very fast and works very well with Logic Studio and Final Cut.

    • Answered by Tim C from Heanor
    • Feb 6, 2010
  • Too loud for my quiet desk and acute hearing. Fan, humming, etc...

    • Answered by Philip S from Massapequa
    • Nov 22, 2010
  • In a carpeted room with low ceilings and lots of furniture it's not too bad.
    I've recently moved into a house with wooden floor boards and high ceilings and now... It's noisy as h3ll !
    When copying files to it, it chugs and grinds so loud it distracts me from my work.

    I'm considering putting it in a padded box.

    • Answered by Steven D from Northcote
    • May 20, 2010
  • It is pretty quiet. Of course with TimeMaschine it will turn on every hour

    • Answered by Dirk D from Chapel Hill
    • Mar 26, 2010