How much does this bag carry in terms of text books/folders? Can this be an alternative to a backpack for college student?

My daughter has a 13" Air but needs to carry a few books, notebooks folders etc. What about the 15" version?

Crumpler 13" Flock of Horror Bag for MacBook Pro

Crumpler 13" Flock of Horror Bag for MacBook Pro

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    I would definitely go with the 15" version. There is room for a couple of books, but thinking back to being in school I always ended up with a couple of extra items which would make the 13" a tight fit (water bottle, snack, phone, cords, etc...). 15" would be roomier. I would have loved this as a college student because you can separate things in to compartments to find them easily.

  • I use this bag as an alternative to a backpack. It has plenty of room for my needs.

    Admittedly I only have 1 actual textbook and 3 5 subject spirals, a couple of folders pens and pencils. Most of my textbooks are digital from the Kno Bookstore so 4 textbooks on my iPad saves lots of space. And leaves room for my Air.

    If you have more than say 2 textbooks I would suggest something bigger.

  • The 13" is very small and extremely bulky. It definitely will not fit a few books, or folders in place of a backpack. Since they do not carry there in the retail store (only online), I can't say about the 15", but I did order the 13" for myself and it is very small.