How much does the iPad mini case weigh?

iPad mini Smart Case

iPad mini Smart Case

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    According to my kitchen scale:
    Mini Smart Case 3-7/8 oz (111g)
    Old Mini Smart Cover 2-3/8 oz ( 68g)

  • The case is mine weighed today; the cover is from a photo if theirs on a scale.

    iPad mini Smart Cover 2.4 oz | 0.15 lb | 68 g

    iPad mini Smart Case 3.9 oz | 0.24 lb | 110 g

  • 10g is only one third of an ounce (ref 1st reply). It must surely weigh 3 or 4 ounces at least. This is the case we're speaking about, not just the cover. Maybe 100g is nearer the mark. I can't find Apple specifications though.

  • very light like 10 grams