how much does it allow the screen to open?

is the shell case in two parts? and does the screen open till 90 degrees or it can go beyond that?

Moshi iGlaze Shell Case for MacBook Air

Moshi iGlaze Shell Case for MacBook Air

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    I had written a review saying that it didn't allow the screen to open all the way (I am am assuming that I had just not pressed the case on entirely) but now, after adding a tiny amount of pressure to pop it fully on, my screen opens to the fullest range. Now I give this case the highest rating, its a great buy!

  • It has been my experience that if you put the case on properly you can open the screen fully. I meant to note that in my review since it had been noted in some reviews that it impedes the screen opening fully.

  • It can go beyond that but it rubs.

    See here (remove the spaces): http: // img694 . imageshack . us/i/imageicw.jpg