How many family members can keep track using the app at one time?

Our loved one has been recently diagnosed with Alzheimers. He's always loved taking long walks but now, that worries us. We don't want to take away his sense of independence, so this will be of great help to us in giving us the ability to locate him at all times and make sure he's safe.

I understand that the App is included with the PocketFinder, but can we purchase the App separately and still be connected with the same PocketFinder, this way anyone of us can be available, if necessary, to find his location.


PocketFinder Personal GPS Locator (Powered by LBT)

PocketFinder Personal GPS Locator (Powered by LBT)

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    The PocketFinder is an ideal solution for loved ones with Alzheimer's and dementia. My grandmother suffers from dementia, so I fully understand how difficult that affliction can be.

    The App is a free download so you can have it on as many iPads and iPhones as you like, but the App does not turn your phone into a PocketFinder. The App allows you to view the devices on your account from anywhere at any time (as long as your phone has service); you can also gain access to your account from a computer. There is no limit to how many people log onto your account, so you can give your username and password to as many people as you wish.

    One of the unique features that PocketFinder offers is the ability to create limited user accounts. If, for example, you have several devices on your account and you'd like to give somebody (like a caregiver) access to one device only, you can create a special username and password just for them. Their account will only view the device(s) you allow them to view and you can terminate their access at any time.

    I hope that helps!

  • NC - My family recently faced this same situation and I'm sure some of the same feelings. Everyone in your family and extended family can download the free PocketFinder 2.0 App and all log into the same account. Everyone would be able to see where your family member is and where they are in proximity to him.

    This is especially useful when he may be missing and it could be any member of your family or close friends who first recognizes that he didn't return from a walk. I believe the maximum number of people who can log into the same account to be around 500,000. Best wishes to you and your family!