How many credit cards/cash does this hold?

HEX Solo Wallet Case for iPhone 4S and 4

HEX Solo Wallet Case for iPhone 4S and 4

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    I just got mine today and love it. It has 2 card slots and somewhat soft/stretchable leather, so I think you could likely get 3 credit cards in there, but probably not more as it's pretty tight (which is good so your cards don't fall out). I'm carrying my license, 1 credit card, and a $20 bill.

  • You can fit 3 cards, I carry my license, debit, and credit card. It was a very tight fit at first, and is now a little easier to get the cards out. Even though I have stretched it to fit 3 cards, if I choose to go back to 2, it is still tight enough so the cards do not fall out.

  • Two max. I do not recommend the use of cash in these sleeves. Accessibility would be a problem. Credit / ID cards preferred.

  • I currently have 6 cards in mine.

  • I could only fit one comfortably. Otherwise, the case gets quite bulky.

  • There are 2 slots for credit cards... a really nice touch! :)

  • The description says that there are two credit card slots.