How loud and clear is the sound quality?

Bose Companion® 20 Multimedia Speaker System

Bose Companion® 20 Multimedia Speaker System

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    The Companion 20 loudspeakers are fairly loud, certainly loud enough for filling an average size bedroom or small living space. They are not going to rock a house party full of 18 year old kids or annoy the neighbours much but they will provide a strong performance for near-field listening.

    The sound quality is the usual hallmark Bose sound, slightly rolled off treble but otherwise a fairly natural tonal balance. Clarity on the Bose Companion 20 is very good surprisingly - despite it's small size. Bass response is probably equal to that of a small bookshelf speaker. It's still less than a dedicated bass module, but offers more than the Companion 2 or Music Monitor models.

    They offer a clear, full and rich sound with exceptional clarity although it does lack some definition in the bass, and is slightly rolled off on the treble but this is sometimes why people prefer to go with Bose (they are less artificial sounding in some respects because they don't have honky highs or rumbling lows that seem so commonplace today).

    Overall they sound good, will fill a reasonable size room and provide adequate bass for most styles of music, yes they may be a little expensive but you should ultimately let your ears do the deciding. Go listen to them.

  • Optimal

  • Very good.

  • It's very loud and there is no distortion at full volume (that's if you dare take it to full volume!)