How long should a lithium battery last? My wife's Mac is only 4 years old and will no longer takes charge. My PC is 6years old and I have no problem

QA Rechargeable Battery 13" MacBook

QA Rechargeable Battery 13" MacBook

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    As these batteries have only been around for a short time (3 years+) it's tough to say. My first MacBook is now 2.5 years old and the Battery still charges 100%. I bought 2 more MacBooks for my company last Christmas and one of them just died after 8 months of use. The battery no longer charges or holds a charge and must be replaced. So, as far as battery quality goes, it's hit and miss. Pray you get a good one or look into the extended coverage when you buy your MacBook and make sure it covers Battery life/replacement

  • Laptop battery life is about 2 years.

  • I had an iBook for 6 years and it needed a new battery after 30 months or so, and another 30 months later. My MacBook is 26 months old and I am now almost ready for another battery. I can still get two hours as long as I don't have to play media. Looks like 30 months is the magic number.