How long lasting is this bag? Can it last for 2 years?

Incase Compact Backpack

Incase Compact Backpack

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    I have a similar bag (previous to this model) I've had since I got my first Macbook in fall of 2008.. I'm on my second 15" Macbook now and the main zipper finally needs replacement. So this makes it about 3 yrs. I called a bag repair place and they quoted me a cost of at least $79 to replace the zipper. I can probably go for another few weeks until the zipper gives out.. but with a new bag at this new price, makes sense to just get a new one.

    I've been VERY happy with my incase backpack and plan to get another one again. My only thing about this new design is it holds less items.. my old one has more compartments, but then again, that's probaby why i'm having to replace it now since I ended up carrying more stuff and thus more weight. The part of the zipper that finally failed is the top corner which I gather took the brunt of the weight of the bag.

  • I have had an Incase bag for nearly 10 years. I teach--it goes to school with me daily and has been all over the country--still looks good at new.

  • I should preface this with: I do not own this bag. However, that being said I have another bag made by Incase (same material, same style) and I have had it for two and a half years and there have been absolutely no problems. Incase is a reliable brand that, in my opinion, has only become more reliable and more well known in the industry. So I am positive this bag will last you for at least two years.