How large are the fret spaces. I am a woman with petite fingers

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Squier by Fender® USB Stratocaster Guitar

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    What he says is true. Strats are of the largest fretboard scale length of the "standard" guitars at 25.5 inches though.

    There are other smaller sizes (24.75", like most gibsons). It don't sound like much but it can make a big difference. There's a also a guitar company "Luna" that targets females that may have necks/frets more accommodating to small hands.

    Not all fenders use the 25.5 inch though. Kurt Cobain had very small hands and he often played a fender mustang - those have 24" scale length.

    Good luck with it

  • Standard fret spacing. As with piano, small fingers are not a showstopper. It's all about practice. I promise you women with hands as small as you are playing pro right now.