How is the Bass? When you turn the music up dose it destort with high bass songs?

For example if you are listening to a song with alot of Bass dose the Sound quality decrease?

Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

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    It depends on the input you're using really. If you're going to turn an iPod up all the way, then yes they will probably distort as iPods don't send the best quality to begin with. But you'll encounter this problem with any earbuds. However, it should be minimal, as these headphones have an abnormally deep frequency range (down to 5hz, deeper than most headphones) and a dedicated woofer within each earpiece; they are truly built for bass performance, you just have to use them correctly. I personally use these headphones in combination with two seperate equalizers and an upscaler (using Creative's X-Fi sound cards) on my laptop. If you want to take the painstaking task of properly customizing an equalizer to each song and customize some other audio settings, then I can atest these headphones can go up to full volume (to the point I can sit them on the table and hear the song from across the room) and won't distort nor have a decrease in sound quality.

  • I find bass to be severely lacking. It doesn't distort, it just isn't loud at all. The mids and highs overpower the bass.