How good it's at dissipating heat, while on a desk

I'm looking for a stand that doesn't rise the laptop too much, since my current desktop surface (for monitors, etc) is high enough, but:

- How good is iLap with heat issues (the main concern for which i'm looking for a stand). There's no information of how is the bottom of the surface in which the laptop rests (there are holes for heat diss.?).

- How does the laptop fits in the stand, theres is any rubber to make sure the thing doesn't move?


Rain Design iLap Stand for the MacBooks

Rain Design iLap Stand for the MacBooks

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    I wouldn't use a laptop without this -and I still haven't seen anything better.
    There is no body heat from a desk, so of course using the stand on a desk is no problem. I bought my Rain Design iLap Stand over three years ago to use with my very warm MacBook Pro. I was working on it for hours a day during the summertime and it became too hot to set on a lap. This stand was a GREAT improvement over just setting it on a lap desk or board- I'd even say it was WORTH the money as it is more stable and less solid so the MacB Pro can be used on a lap for long periods of time. (You probably all now know that MacBook Pros do run hot as Apple assured me, but it's only a problem for the user or person not the Apple itself.)
    The laptop and the stand remain two separate pieces. That makes it easy to move. I've never opted to take the stand out and about. I ALWAYS use it at home though. The space underneath the stand itself allows air to circulate, and a person's lap remains unaffected by the computer heat.
    The four round plastic "feet" that you attach to your laptop keep the computer from sliding off the stand. Yes, it would slide all over without them. The stand arrives in a box that includes the little feet. (It also comes with an oblong detachable pillow. I don't use it at all.) The little feet do not get in the way when packing up the laptop in a travel case or bag. If you need more feet for other laptops you can purchase them directly from Rain Design for a reasonable cost including quick delivery. (The stand will out last computers.) :)