How durable are the breakout cables?

You know, every cable will eventually break (mine do). And the breakout cables on One are the ones that you deal with a lot during recordings and what-not. So, should I be extra careful with them? They look kind of thin. Has anybody had this problem?

Apogee ONE USB Music Interface and Microphone

Apogee ONE USB Music Interface and Microphone

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    The One is a fantastic piece of gear. The breakout cable is not. The first one I had was dead on the mic-side right out of the box. Apogee customer service was great, and overnighted a functioning replacement to me. That one lasted about a year, and has now died. I am hopeful that they will help me yet again.

  • I've had my ONE for over a year. The cables still look, and work great.
    I carry my ONE with me when I travel in the carrying case that apogee has.
    I put my cables in there when I'm not using them.