How does this dock compare to other docks, is it worth getting? (this question is written because there is no rating allowed on this product)

which dock would you recommend for using with the iPhone 4 and other apple peripherals (ipad, ipods...etc)

Apple iPhone 4 Dock

Apple iPhone 4 Dock

Product No Longer Available

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    This dock is designed only for the iPhone 4 without a case.

    The Apple Universal Dock comes with adapters for all the current iPods and iPhones and nearly all the older ones.

    Both feature an audio out port for speakers/headphones, but only the Universal Dock works with a remote control (also included). The remote can be used to play pause and skip music, photos or video on compatible the devices.

    There is one exception, the iPhone 4 doesn't come with a dock adapter and the Universal Dock is missing the iPhone 4 adapter. From my own experience, the original iPhone dock adapter fits the iPhone 4 perfectly.

  • It does exactly the same job as previous iPhone docks but is a backward step in design. The 3G/3GS dock was sculpted to the phone, a thoughtful and discreet design, whereas this one is crude by comparison. The only alternative is the Universal Dock at £39 plus £7 for a pack of adaptors (since they don't enclose one with the phone). You can of course manage without a dock. It's just nicer to have the phone standing up while it charges or syncs.