How does this compare with the M-Audio KeyStudio 25?

  • Asked by Marianne G from Charleston
  • Oct 7, 2009
M-Audio Keystudio 49 USB MIDI Controller

M-Audio Keystudio 49 USB MIDI Controller

Product No Longer Available

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    The M-Audio KeyStudio 25 basically does all of the same things but a bit more, the 25 key has eight programmable knobs, a programmable volume slider (which is also on the 49), a number of programmable buttons, the octave switch, a mod switch (I believe this is also programmable on the 49 [also on the 49 it a wheel not a button]), a pitch bend button (on 49 it's a wheel), everything in the back is the same both come with just the keyboard and a USB cable (basically a standard printer cable) also the 25 has a digital display which shows what number your at with different settings. I think if you don't need the portability and the extra programmable features the 49 is the way to go because you can take care of more at once where as the 25 is more of a one hand no octave in one take deal (you would have to do separate tracks to do some octaves chords).

    • Answered by Zachary W from Centennial
    • Oct 12, 2009
  • I just bought the KeyStudio 49. My only issue with it, is there is no middle C
    and it makes me feel off center...If that doesn't bother you, it works fine
    and may feel more like a real piano.

    • Answered by Diana G from Chicago
    • Dec 20, 2010