How does the Quadro 4000 card compare to the ATI 5870 / GTX 285 for EVERY DAY usage?

While the benefits to CUDA accelerated applications is clear, or mercury apps, or other specific, accelerated applications, I wonder how the 4000 would fare in 'general' use, including games.
It would seem, since the clock, memory, and throughput are much lower than GTX 285 or Radeon 5870, it would potentially be quite a bit slower in those applications. I don't mind spending a premium for a card that can raise my productivity in work apps, but also like it to be good for the evening R&R. Will I trade down 'recreational' performance by getting this card to speed up accelerated productivity apps?

NVIDIA Quadro 4000 for Mac

NVIDIA Quadro 4000 for Mac

Product No Longer Available

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    Cards that are designed and optimized for gaming will almost always perform better than cards designed and optimized for pro apps when it comes to gaming. Quadro 4000 is no exception, it's designed and optimized from the ground up for the pro apps market.

  • By "everyday usage" you mean you aren't doing high end graph-ix rendering", then go with the lowest cost any one of these cards are great for normal use.
    the 285 is no longer available new but is still a great card. the 5870 is more for gaming, and does a great job at it. along with the ability to do 3D rendering, however if your work is primarily rendering then I would go for the Quaddro 4000.