How does the Incase Pro Snap Case differ from the Incase Snap Case (without the Pro in the title)?

Snap Case vs. Pro Snap Case

Incase Pro Snap Case for iPhone 5

Incase Pro Snap Case for iPhone 5

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    it does, the volume rocker buttons are covers and the silencer switch has a small cutout hole

  • The standard doesn't not have anything covering the volume and silent/ring switch. The sides are plastic on that one and add very little bulk to the phone. Very minimalist. (for people who never drop their phone and are looking for mostly scratch protection)The pros are basically the same except that they add a rubber piece that surrounds the phone and also covers the volume silent/ring switch. This provides a little more shock/bump protection but at the cost of making your phone a little bit bigger. I also have heard that the rubber part can get dirty/discolored from your pockets and that some people have complained that the rubber separated from their case.