How does the iFusion work with an incoming skype call?

I use Skype for a home business. I work from both my desktop and iPhone. How does the iFusion handle incoming Skype calls?

  • Asked by Dennis T from Santa Ana
  • Sep 24, 2012
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2 Answers from the Community

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    Yes. I use an iPhone 4S with iOS 6 and Skype works with the iFusion.

    iFusion uses bluetooth for audio. Think of it as a bluetooth speakerphone or headset. So as long as the Skype app continues to support bluetooth audio it should continue to work. I also use the iFusion with the MagicJack app and it works just like it does with normal cell phone calls.

    • Answered by Brian W from Raleigh
    • Oct 18, 2012
  • I just received my iFusion SmartStation to use with my iPhone5 and an adapter. Everything is fine except I can only use Skype with the speakerphone function. The handset can hear me, but I can't hear anything through the handset. If I use the iPhone as a phone, the handset works. I just thought I should mention this because you had another reply last fall that said it worked fine with Skype with the iPhone4. If I find a solution, I'll update this message.

    • Answered by Lynda S from Prince Rupert
    • Feb 5, 2013