how does the fm transmitter play thru the radio

  • Asked by Gregory M from Indian Trail
  • Feb 16, 2010
Griffin iTrip FM Transmitter

Griffin iTrip FM Transmitter

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1 Answer from the Community

  • You kinda answered your own question. Your radio is a receiver, if it can receiver multiplexed FM stereo then the "transmitter" being the Griffin or any other brand, will send a stereo FM signal to the Radio receiver in your car or even one in your house. In fact any Broadcast FM receiver can receive the Griffin's signal. How does it work, well you need to be tuned to an FM frequency or channel that is free of a station. You need to tune around until you find one. Then using the controls on the Griffin to tune that frequency or channel. i.e 102.5 for example. Now depending on how strong the Griffins FM transmitter is, you can use a Frequency that has a weak station. FM has a thing called Capture Effect, that will allow the strongest of the two competing stations to be received clearly. If the capture effect ratio is to small then you will hear the two stations fight against each other and your will hear each alternate as the strongest.

    • Answered by Patrick J from Tewksbury
    • Mar 9, 2010