How does noise cancellation works with this head phone ?

Is it really good ? Can I hear anything going around me ? I am looking to buy for my workplace which is always very noisy. So I am looking for a headphone which cancel the outside noise and also, people don't hear what I am listening to so they don't get disturbed either. Just want to know if this headphone fulfills such requirements or not.

Parrot Zik Wireless Headphones by Starck

Parrot Zik Wireless Headphones by Starck

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    Multiple published on-line reviewers have indicated the noise cancellation is quite good: better than many other noise-canceling earphones, but perhaps not quite as effective at noise cancelation as the Bose QC. The reviews I've seen that peg the Zik just below the Bose QC for noise cancellation have preferred Zik overall for additional features and better sound quality.

    Whether others hear what you are listening to is not dependent on noise cancelation. "Closed" headphones like Zik leak very little sound; "open" headphones that are not acoustically sealed (sound radiates both 'in' to your ears and 'out' to the world) are audible to others. "Open" design seems to facilitate the very best musical reproduction on high end audiophile 'phones designed for critical listening.

    All noise canceling earphones introduce some artifacts - some people describe an "echo-y' addition to music played with noise cancelation on or a soft background hiss. Both noise cancelation and headphones themselves seem to isolate more effectively at higher frequencies than lower.