How does Logic compare in functionality to FL Studio ?

I bought my son a Macbook several years ago. He is very much into creating his own music and uses FL Studio on a Windows PC. FL Studio does not make a Mac product. I am trying to migrate him away from FL Studio to a Mac product, but need to know if there is a comparable Mac product to FL Studio. Additionally, I would be interested in knowing if there is a way to convert the FL Studio files he has created into the comparable MAC product (if there is one). The goal is to get him entirely off Windows. :)

QA Logic Studio

QA Logic Studio

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    FL Studio is a great tool for music. If FL Studio was on OS X that would be great but is difficult to implement due to using Windows specific computer code. I find FL Studio is the quickest way due to its excellent 'piano roll' (Logic is not as logic in that aspect, pun intended) to realise your musical ideas. Don't take that from your son. Some people find FL Studio limited/unsuited for the quality of what they want to achieve. I run FL Studio on Windows in a virtual machine (Virtualbox) on my Mac and do the composing and sampling there before bounce the loops to audio and midi and finish of my songs in Logic (if they are any good that is).

  • I began using FL studio a couple of years ago. Ive recently a Macbook Pro for my 18th and moved over to Logic pro 9. In terms of ease of use, Logic is alot better than FL because you use the tracks on which you record to fix your levels and input fx, rather than constantly opening and closing the mixer in FL. Logic comes with various plugins (fx/synths) and is also compatible with the fx and jam packs which come with garageband previously installed on mac computers. The only downside i've experienced so far on Logic or garageband is that the sequencing element is totally different, but still easy to use. I hope this helps :)

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  • Functionally, Logic gives you a LOT more than FL Studio. FL Studio is a great product, but if your son is really interested in a more professional setup then Logic is the way to go.

    There isn't a comparable product to FL Studio on the Mac that I know of.

    A good way to convert from FL Studio to Logic is to take what you make on FL Studio and convert the files to Midi and Audio files. Then you can bring them over into Logic and they will work perfectly.

    Couple of things to keep in mind:
    - Automation data may not be moved over
    - Some Plugins he uses may not be available. e.g. if he uses VST plugins he would have to find AU versions from the manufacturer or replace the plugin with a Logic one. Or, get a VST wrapper.

    Yes! Get him off Windows!

    P.S. though this question was asked a long time ago, I think a lot of users would like to know :)