How does it work with the rear-facing camera? Seems that when folded back, the cover would be over the lens.

iPad Smart Case - Polyurethane

iPad Smart Case - Polyurethane

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  • just fold the cover into a triangle

  • Hi James ,

    When you would like to take a picture with the rear facing camera you can fold the case in the triangular shape or you can fold the case in half to uncover the rear facing camera .

  • Fold the cover in half to use the rear camera. There is a cutout for it in the case.

  • if you just fold the cover over it will cover the lens but if you roll the cover it will leave the lens exposed and act as a nice grip.

  • The case itself has a cut out for the lens on the back of the iPad, although, when the cover is folded around to the back of the device, it will cover the lens. However, if you fold the cover in two, the lens will not be blocked.

  • If you fold the smart cover part as one whole piece back then yes it would cover the lens but what I do is usually fold the smart cover in half and then fold the whole thing over. Works quite well actually.

  • If you completely open the Cover, it will block the camera, can you fold back half of the cover to expose the camera.

  • Answer

    It is over the lens, however you can fold the 'cover' portion in half, and then fold it back, and that way the cover doesn't block the camera when you are holding it.

  • It works if you do not fold it all the way just fold it in half and it works

  • Cover folds in quarters. You can fold 1/4 or 1/2 to clear for camera lens, same as standard smart cover.

  • It works the same as the smart cover does. It would cover the camera if folded all the way around.

  • The cover does obstruct the lens when folded over completely.

  • It's the same with the original smart cover, what I do it fold the cover in half then fold back. So when you look at it from the back, the cover itself is only covering half of the iPads back.

  • The cover does cover the lens, but it doesn't even (magnetically) stay back anyway. The cover should be rolled into its triangle for taking pictures.

  • If it is folded into a triangle it will maintain that shape with it's magnets and keep the rear camera clear, but if you just wrap the front cover round the back so it is flat it will obstruct the camera.

  • Yes, just like the Smart Cover, when it's folded back, the camera is covered.

  • Correct. When folded back completely, the lens is covered. But when folded back in "stand" mode, the folded top cover acts as a kind of handle, and the lens is uncovered for photos.

  • You fold the back cover in half

  • You can fold the cover halfway and it won't cover the camera. Just like with the smart cover

  • the camera lens will be covered if you fold the whole cover over the back, but if you fold the cover up to use as a stand for the ipad, the camera lens is available to use because its on the other side.