how does it make the iphone 10x louder??

Griffin AirCurve Play for iPhone 4

Griffin AirCurve Play for iPhone 4

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    Correction on AO's reply. Every 3 db increase doubles the perceived loudness, not every 10 db.

    So +3 db means twice as loud. +6 db means 4 times as loud, +9 db is 8 times and +12 db is 16 times.

    Sorry this doesn't actually reply the asker's question.

  • No, db is a logarithmic scale. An increase of 10 db is about equivalent to twice the perceived loudness.

  • Well, it doesn't make it 10x louder, it increases the decibeles of the built in speaker by 10. This is done by channeling the sound pressure that the speaker creates into a wave guide that naturally increases the volume of the sound. Volume, as in space equals volume, as in sound.