How do you set it up for wired AND wireless at the same time? (I have an old imac without an airport card)

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    There is one wide area network (WAN) for connecting your ethernet from your dsl or router ect and 3 Ethernet port on the back of the unit. Simply plug your old imac without the Airport card to one of the ethernet port and you can access the internet.

    If your locating this unit away from the imac and don't want to run say a long cable and you have one wireless mac close by, you can plug the imac to the wireless mac via ethernet or firewire, meaning your connecting one mac to another via the two cable above and share you connection from it. Setting below is for the wireless machine.

    Go ->Apple Menu -> System Preference ->Sharing -> Internet Sharing. Tick off the internet sharing from the list on the left. To the right is a box with ethernet and firewire. So, if you connect your imac via ethernet cable to the wireless machine, tick the ethernet box. This works well and speed wise, surfing and downloading are just as quick as the host machine. Hope this helps out.

  • No setup required for wired connections, simply plug in whatever you want to have join the network and that equipment becomes part of the network. Be aware of this model's strict System Requirements for the computer that will setup and administer the base station/network.