how do you listen to music from watchband?

I want to know how would you listen to iPod nano while wearing it on your wrist.

LunaTik Watchband for iPod nano (6th Gen.)

LunaTik Watchband for iPod nano (6th Gen.)

Product No Longer Available

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    If you look at the image of the watchband showing from behind, showcasing the band, zoom into the area where the icable plugs in, you will see that the headphone jack is free to be plugged in (at the very bottom of opening, little circle headphone jack).
    You can plug in headphones while the Nano is in the housing of the watch case / band.
    You can then access your music OR the plus with headphones plugged in, is that you can access the FM Radio app, worked well when I tried it.

  • There is an earphone connection on the side.