How do you know when the battery is low on the device? Is there a visual or audible signal?

Bose SoundDock Portable

Bose SoundDock Portable

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    Yes, and if you check your manual it tells you what to look for. There's a little LED at the top and in the middle of the SoundDock®, hidden behind the SoundDock® grill. When charging, the LED glows yellow. When it has finished charging, the LED stops glowing. Now, to figure out battery levels, HOLD DOWN the "Off" button on the remote when the SoundDock® is unplugged from the wall socket and/or if your listening to music. If the LED glows GREEN then there's about 70 -100% battery left. If the LED glows YELLOW then there's about 20 - 70% battery left. If the LED glows or is flashing RED then it means there is under 20% battery left, and you'll have to recharge soon. Hope this helps. Remember, all this information can be found in the manual that came with your Bose® SoundDock® Portable.

  • Yes there is an LED light that will indicate low battery.