How do you know it will work on the plane you are flying on? Do all planes have the port to connect this to?

I am worried that I will not be able to use this product on my flight if the plane does not have the plug in

Apple MagSafe Airline Adapter

Apple MagSafe Airline Adapter

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    Use to check the plane you are flying on and what type of power port it has.

  • Most airlines do NOT have power ports available in Business & Economy class seats. I have a MagSafe Adapter that I bought a year ago, and haven't even been able to use it anywhere, even on international flights. Airlines traveled in the last year have been United and its derivatives, Alaska and its derivatives, EthiopianAir, American, Jamaican. I can't speak regarding First class seating. In past flights I don't remember seeing them on KLM, Northwest, Tam, or Varig either, but I always fly business or economy class when I travel.

  • Go to seatguru website and it shows information about power port for every plane and every airlines.

  • You have to check with the airline. Most shorter and regional flights (i.e. Comair, Continental Connection, ASA, American Eagle, etc.) will probably not have either EmPower or 20mm jacks. Most airlines allow you to view a floorplan of the plane on their website which usually indicates which seats on the plane include a power port. Many international flights, such as on Delta 777-ER/LR planes have 110 Volt Household AC jacks (USA three prong style) which will allow you to plug in your regular adaptor.

  • As said before check out for a complete list of airlines that have power.
    I am flying Cathay Pacific international purely because they have power in all seats in all classes in all planes.
    Etihad also have power to all seats in all planes.

  • short answer? you don't.

    not all planes have this port. it depends on the aircraft AND the carrier; if it was an option provided by the aircraft builder AND if the carrier who bought the plane chose for the option to be installed. considering this, there's no way to tell until you're on the plane.

    it's highly likely you'll have this port in business class, though.

    some airlines, Virgin America for example, has 110V AC outlets at every seat, so this adapter would be useless, but you could charge using your standard AC adapter.

    best bet, call your airline.