How do you clean the Crystal Film? I could not at all. Whenever I try to wash it, it comes out ugly with water spots and lint collects on it.

Power Support Crystal Film Set

Power Support Crystal Film Set

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    Well I use cleaner that you use for spectacles and spray some on whilst the film is still on the phone and a lint free cloth, like the one that comes with the phone. It still comes out crystal clear and smear etc... free.

  • Bust out a paper towel, one for the phone, one for the skin. Use soap & water on the skin, then use iKlear on the iPhone itself. Wash your hands, be careful not to touch it to anything till it's on the phone aside from your clean hands. Water/iKlear solution can be pushed out using a soft flat bit of card stock. Dirt may accumulate around the edge of the glass panel, try using a cotton swab to get it out of the seem there, but on the film make sure you use your fingertips to get all the grit off under running water. Soap it up really well, scrubbing with fingertips only toll smooth & slippery. One side will be a bit more friction-y which is the side you'll put to the iPhone. Make sure all bits of grit/crumbs are off before application. Once on smooth it out, use your fingertips to position it to line up with the home button & speaker.

    Hope this helps!

    - A

  • Use rubbing alcohol!!! Pour it all over the screen protector and rub it around with your fingers, then rinse with water. Shake it dry with your fingers (holding the edges, DON'T touch the surface. Then wipe the iphone screen with a microfiber cloth with some alcohol on it, then place the protector on the phone (don't worry about the wetness, the alcohol evaporates and dries quickly). Use the microfiber cloth and the little squeedgee (or credit card) to smooth out the bubbles and soak up any leftover alcohol. Works perfectly every time!