how do these compare with the ultimate ears triple. fi 10s

in terms of comfort, sound quality, and noise isolation?

Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

Product No Longer Available

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    hi ex well to put it bluntly the triplefi 10 has 26 db of noise isolation where as the apple inear has about only 5 db of isolation so you get more isolation with the triplefi 10 , and the triplefi 10 blows the apple in ear out of the water without breaking a sweat in sound quality .with its 3 armature drivers and a professional cross over chip this was made for sound/audio engineers who have to hear every detail of the song and i really mean HEAR EVERY DETAIL with dual bore tech you get redefined acoustics and a overall super sound quality.
    i owned the apple in ears and the triplefi 10. ok you may be thinking but the apple in ear has 2 high performance armature drivers ...when they say this means its the low ranking driver i can add 6 or even 8 driver to an earbud and it would still sound bad if i can properly design a good housing and a good crossover chip ....and on the other hand the triplefi 10 has 3 proprietary precision balanced armature drivers with a state of the art cross over chip... well that is what i have to say about sound quality now for comfort, for many people the triplefi 10 may be a bit to big for thier ears as a result may cause discomfort if not worn properly i have taken them on a plane flight and they where in for about 10 hours and did not bother me until the ll hour , the apple inear i have not brought them for a long flight or had them in long but i have no complaints about them in discomfort .... so i hope this long winded review helped you in making your decision =)