How do these compare to the Etymotic hf2 headset in comfort, sound isolation, and audio quality?

Klipsch Image X10i In-Ear Headset for iPhone and iPod

Klipsch Image X10i In-Ear Headset for iPhone and iPod

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    The X10I's are very good. I have gone through several pairs of headphones and found these the best (Shure SE430, Sennheiser CX400).
    The Klipsch deliver clean audio, very neutral overall. They are a single driver (unlike the other incorrect response) but really this does not matter unless you by headphones for the number of drivers in them! The real result is that the things are tiny. Very small compared to a traditional in ear type, and much smaller than the more expensive Shure models.
    I would highly recommend these for someone who wants incredible clarity, unlike the Dr Dre or Sennheiser models which are very bass heavy and bass heavy respectively.

  • I had the HF3's these offer a fuller more rounded (but not too warm) sonic presentation.

  • I'm about to return my 30-day old pair of Klipsch X10i ear-buds due to a broken 3-button control. I was given the choice of a replacement or a refund and decided for the latter.

    If you have never owned a pair of really good sounding earphones you might be happy with these Klipschs, but the truth is: their very small driver makes them sound "tinny" and lacking warmth. Don't be confused: I am not looking for a powerful bass to play Hip-Hop, but a well balanced bass, mid and high range to listen to jazz, classical music and pop.

    The Klipsch's are just not it; and not by a long-shot at their price point.

    I also own a pair of Bose MIE2i and I really enjoy the sound, but I do not find them well adapted to my ear-shape ... everybody is different in this respect and choosing a pair of in-ear headphones is all about what's comfortable. But when it comes to sound quality, these do not have what it takes.

  • The noise isolation is very good with these earbuds, but like any in-ear headphones you must take a few minutes and try the different tips included to find the ones best suited for you. This is critical for both sound performance, noise isolation and fit. For me, the medium oval ones that come default worked the best. In terms of sound, the X10i's are triple driver while the hf2's are dual driver so the Klipsch should have slightly better acoustic performance.