How do these compare to Beats and Boss

Klipsch Image ONE On-Ear Headphones with Mic

Klipsch Image ONE On-Ear Headphones with Mic

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    these will sound better than the beats, imo. if you could find a frequency response chart for the beats, it will roll off at probably 30 hz, and will lose a lot of volume after that. plus those have a HUGE mid bass bump, which is where all the bass comes from, and they also have a pretty big treble roll off. with these, you will get a cleaner, flatter response, on both ends of the spectrum, but they still wont sound as boring as truly flat response headphones

  • They're way better than the beats in my opinion. The beats are a mess, terrible over boomy bass. These have a clear sound with response from almost every part of the sound spectrum.

  • I think they compare very well!
    I was checking them out today in the Apple Store.... I thought they were better sounding and more comfortable to wear.
    I plan on picking up a couple soon!

  • they will sound beter than beats if you let them burn in first.give them time
    when i first got my image ones i was ready to return them to the sore where i bought them
    only when they burned in they sound even better. i treid the beats headphones with my ipod to me they sounded muddy.klipsch ones are ausume.ive droped them they are sturdy.
    they are the best.