How do the MM1s compare to the other AirPlay enabled B&W speakers?

I already own a pair of MM1s and I am about to planify the multi room sound system of our new home. I am considering some traditional wiring options but I am also tempted by the Bower and Wilkins Zeppelin Air, M5 and M7. I totally love the MM1, I use them in my office, (which about 160 sq.ft.) beside an iMac and the presence is very satisfying. I want to spread that kind of quality throughout the house and would like some feedbacks from (usually very demanding) people who already know the MM1's sound and who can provide with an insight while comparing the other above mentioned B&W speakers.
Many thanks in advance for your input.

Bowers & Wilkins A7 AirPlay Wireless Music System

Bowers & Wilkins A7 AirPlay Wireless Music System

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2 Answers from the Community

  • I have the MM1's which complement my iMac and they are sublime. But as they are not AirPlay speakers you cannot compare them with AirPlay speakers. If however you are comparing on sound quality then as a computer speaker the MM1's are unsurpassed and definitely worth purchasing. The B&W A7 is an excellent stand alone AirPlay speaker but sadly let down by too many dropouts.

  • Whilst I don't know the sound of the MM1s, (I assume you mean A5 & A7 as oppose to M5 & M7) I do know B&W and have just bought the A7, it is awesome. I found the Zeppelin Air awesome too, but a bit boomy. The A7 is sublime and so it should be at £699. You get what you pay for, I.M.H.O. So if you love your MM1s, at £399 a pair, imagine a £699 speaker, made by the same people. Get into the store and have a listen. That, in itself, will be a nice experience.