How do I transfer data from my iMac without thunderbolt (only firewire) to my new Macbook Air with thunderbolt?

I upgraded from the Macbook Pro 2010 model to the new Macbook Air. I transfered the data from the Pro to my iMac via firewire. Now I need to transfer the same data from iMac to the new MBA with thunderbolt. Is there a cable that connects the firewire port on my iMac to the thunderbolt port on the new MBA?

Apple Thunderbolt Cable

Apple Thunderbolt Cable

Product No Longer Available

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    If you are using transferring all of your data to the other Mac, the easiest and fastest way is to use 'Migration Assistant' with an ethernet cable as it can reach speeds of up to 2gb/s.

    Apple has a FireWire 800 -to- Thunderbolt adapter now :D

  • Without Thunderbolt, the easiest way is to Airdrop the two machines, and transfer over your network.

    Unfortunately, Firewire & Thunderbolt are two completely disparate unique technologies along with voltages. Thunderbolt is 10 watts, while Firewire is 7.