how do i know how much storage space i need? movies and photos mostly

G-Technology G-DRIVE mobile USB Portable Hard Drive

G-Technology G-DRIVE mobile USB Portable Hard Drive

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    Movies consume vastly more space than photos. The space required for movies is linear: for any given movie/clip the space required is essentially a straight multiple of its run length (ie a 2-minute movie will consume twice as much space as a 1-minute movie). Movies shot with different cameras and/or settings will consume different amounts of space.

    Individual photo sizes will vary considerably based upon the type of camera that took the shots, and if and to what degree the photos were compressed.

    The best way to estimate is to check the file sizes of some of *your* movies and photos, then multiply by the quantities of each. Don't forget to factor in projections for the future (ie how often will you end up with new movies and photos)?