How do I add more capacity to Apple TV???3 Macs and Apple TV/Time Machine and 1TB external - huge iTunes library.

Have a MacbookPro, Macbook and New 27" iMac all backed to Time Machine. I have Apple TV (160GB)but its nearly full!! MacBook Pro is additionally backed up to an external 1TB drive.
My iTunes library is extensive and spent about 3000pounds on it in 6 months!

1.Want to see if there is a way to add more disk drive storage to the Apple TV.
2.I cant work on my laptops as they are holding the iTunes libraries. Is there a way I can just leave the Music and Films on the Apple TV?
3. Can I back up to the Time Machine wirelessly and use the rest of the Time Machine capacity to directly connect the Apple TV via Ethernet?

  • Asked by Paul B from Vancouver
  • Jun 2, 2010
QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    I had the same issue and set up the 2TB Time Capsule as a Media Server, freed up space on my comp and Apple TV, and it made such a difference.

    -Copy what you want from your iTunes Media Folder and save it onto the Time Capsule drive, then delete the originals from iTunes.

    -Open iTunes Preferences, click Advanced, and uncheck where is says "Copy Files to iTunes Media Folder when Adding to Library" Then drag the files (now stored on the Time Capsule's HD) back into iTunes.

    -MAKE SURE to RE-Check the 'copy files...." in preferences when you are done so future purchases and downloads still get organized to the iTunes Media folder on your comp

    -I still sync my favorite stuff my Apple TV, but as long as itunes is open on your computer, this lets you stream your entire library, and also frees up space on the Apple TV.

    Hope this helps!

    • Answered by Lauren S from New York
    • Jul 10, 2010