How do I access a hard drive drive connected to an Airport Extreme base station using Airport Utility on Windows? Am I missing a step?

1. Running 2 PC's with Windows XP (SP3). Used USB hub to connect printer and hard drive (Seagate FreeAgent 500Gb ) to Airport Extreme base station. Used Airport Utility and bonjour (from disk provided with base station) to set-up shared network drive and network printer.
2. Used Control Panel (and System Preferences for additional MacBook running Leopard, 10.5.7) to add printer to each computer. The network "sees" the printer and prints can be sent from all 3 computers.
3. Tried many times to set-up hard drive without success. The drive does not show up on the PC's or the MacBook.
4. \\(ethernet address) on PC shows the printer on the 2 PC's but not the hard drive.
5. Is there another step to connect to hard drive?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    Yes! you have to enter the airport utility for windows. Select you airport extreme base station, click on "manual setup", click on the tab "disks", click on "file sharing"; configure the settings for Windows (Workgroup). Finally I would make sure the disk is formatted as FAT32.