How difficult is it to set up to replace my current old school thermostat?

My current thermostat in my house is the one that came included with the house (the house was built in 1993). I'm trying to move my parents into the 21st century and they want to save money from energy costs. So essentially, how difficult is this to install?

Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat

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    Not at all, if you click on the link in the Did You Notice ? Box you can even get customized wiring instructions.

  • The nest is so simple to install. It comes with detailed instructions. If you are not sure if your wiring is compatible. All you have to do is take a picture of your current set up and send it the the nest company (detailed instructions are provided to do this).. You then call into the company and they will tell you if your system is compatible by looking at your photo. I am not tech savvy but the Nest Thermostat took me less than 20 minutes to install.

  • I am not a technical or electrical savvy person and It was extremely easy to install in my 92 built home and my who knows when built office. Instructions are good and the wiring system is simpler then you think. Pretty darn easy to install.

  • If you have the right wiring (common in most houses in the US), it's a pretty trivial operation. You will need to be able to turn off some power, and maybe will need to strip some wires.

    The worst part for me was just attaching the thing to the wall, thanks to the behind-the-thermostat wall damage done by previous owners/previous thermostats.

  • Super easy. The nest website has video tutorials.

  • You should contact Nest support. Take a photo of the wires connected to your thermostat and send it to their tech support, then call them. They can give you a correct answer over the phone.