How can you connect APE connect to an Orange Livebox Mini wifi router to take advantage of the APE wider network or should you just use APE only?

I have Orange livebox mini, can I connect it to APE via ethernet and still have the performance capabilities of the APE fully, 2 band widths more connectivity (upto 50 claimed?) etc. and still have the same Wifi speed connection.
Or would I need to replace the Livebox completely with the APE to get the best results. If so how would I do this, bearing in mind I am a complete layman and as such would probably be stumbling in the dark trying to achieve this. Hope someone out there can help, thanks.

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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  • I would just move to the airport exclusively. THe WAN offers high speed gigabit speeds. Depending on your internet service provider. It is very easy to do. Depending on what all you have that needs connection. To answer or assist you best, what computer(s) and operating systems do you use? And who is your provider, cable, dsl, att? You could always keep the live box for guest network or back up? Honestly, the APE handles, up to 67 devices (I'm on fibre optic, ATT uverse). Uploads are decent. Downloads are fast.