how can i use MS Access file in MAC ?  what is the equivalent program to MS Access in MAC? is it file maker ?

it is needed to export and import MS Access files from and to mac? can this be made with a mac ?

can the equivalent program for MS Access in MAC transfer files to access and vise versa like excel to numbers?


  • Asked by Magdy A
  • Nov 28, 2009
FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced

FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced

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    You can't use the Access file per se but Filemaker is a full relational database as is Access.
    You can't import Access files easily into Filemaker and visa vera - it would require ODBC connectivity however depending on the complexity of the data files it may be easier to export to a common format i.e. Excel. Of course this does not take functionality across with it.. just data.

    • Answered by George R
    • Apr 6, 2010