How can i restore from time capsule?

Just would like to know how I can access the backed up data from Time Capsule if I ever need to.

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    If you want to restore one or a few files/folders, launch Time Machine on the Mac in question. This will enable you to go "back in time" to choose whatever you wish to restore.

    If you want to restore everything, for example following a hard drive crash, just fire up your (possibly new) Mac with the Mac OS X install DVD. Once the basic operating system has been installed, it will ask you if you want to restore from Time Capsule. It's a very simple and straightforward process (I've had to do it twice, and it worked flawlessly for me). It can take a long time, however, if you have more than a few files (overnight in my case). Connecting the Mac over ethernet, or placing it close to the Time Capsule when running wireless, can speed things up somewhat.