How can I pair the Parrot Zik with a Mac Computer?

Parrot Zik Wireless Headphones by Starck

Parrot Zik Wireless Headphones by Starck

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    On Mac OS X 10.10, Zik Firmware version 1.10:

    1- make sure the firmware on your Parrot Zik is up to date.

    2- When it is, plug it to your Mac using a micro USB cable (one is provided with the Zik).

    3- Turn your Zik on. Note: it must *not* be connected to another device. If it is (for example to your iPhone), then you will not be able to pair it with your Mac. If it is connected to your iPhone, the easiest (and perhaps only) way to disconnect it is to disable Bluetooth on the iPhone (if only temporarily).

    4- Open the Mac System Preferences (in the Apple menu), and select the BlueTooth Icon. Make sure BlueTooth is on (and turn it on if it's not). On the right hand side, you can see the list of BlueTooth devices. On the top, the devices that have already been paired with the Mac. If any discoverable device is found, they will appear at the bottom, separated from the paired devices by a single thin black line.

    5- Your Zik has never been paired with your Mac, so it shows in the bottom list. This is because the Zik is always in pairing mode (ie, it's discoverable) whenever it is *not* connected to a device. Click on the "Pair" button that should show beside its name. You will see a progress indicator (a rotating wheel), and after 10s or so, the Zik item will move to the top list, with a "Connected" status.


    • When I tried the above, it failed many times before it succeeded. It succeeded as soon as I did step 2 above (plug the Zik in the Mac). This step should not be necessary however. It might have helped because this provided power to the Zik. My battery was perhaps 70% charged. This suggest:

    • If it fails, try to fully charge the Zik before you try again

    • If it fails, an "Options" button might appear in the device list on the line for the Zik. By pressing it, you can enter a pairing code, always "0000" (four zeroes)

  • To pair the Zik 2.0 Headset from Parrot with my MacBook Air worked only when the headset was connected via USB to the MacBook Air.

  • The Parrot Zik can paired to any Mac computer via Bluetooth