How can I connect my macbook pro to play either my video taken with my iphone, or edit pictures to my tv, what cables should I buy.

I have a mac book osx Lion now, and have already purchased cables for hd from apple that wont work with my mac book pro and I would like to play videos that i have created on my macbook pro to both display and edit pics on my large screen hd television. Or if there is live streaming how do I connect to my television?

Moshi Premium Digital TOSLINK Cable

Moshi Premium Digital TOSLINK Cable

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    What year is the Macbook? find out if you have a Mini-Display or Mini-DVI connection and depending on that you have to get that cable. For Example, if your MBP was manufactured between 2010 to now, it will have Mini-Display port and if your TV has HDMI connection then you will need a Mini-Display to HDMI cable.