How accurate is the iHealth blood pressure cuff and app?    Can it be calibrated?    Thanks,

iHealth Blood Pressure Dock

iHealth Blood Pressure Dock

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    I have had my iHealth BP dock since April 2011. Just this August (2012) I took it in to my doctor appt. and they compared several ratings taken there with my dock and their pro equipment. It proved to be within a number or two of the professional cuff. The doctor and staff were satisfied that the dock was accurate. There is no calibration available on the dock. I believe you can mail it to the manufacturer to be recalibrated if there is a problem. Or if it is too high or too low by the same amount in comparison to the doctor readings, you could add/subtract mentally. My doctor was more than happy to compare my home readings with his to check. Overall I have been very pleased with this product for the year and a half that I have owned it.